Nickle Lake Campground Rules

Campground Rules


We hope that you enjoy your stay in the park and ask that you obey the following rules, so that the park is a safe place for all to enjoy.

May Long Weekend the park has an alcohol ban.

No Glass Bottles- Fines are $200.00

If fines are unpaid, you will be asked to leave the premises for one calendar year.

1. Everyone entering the park must purchase and obtain a seasonal or day pass. Note: Day passes will not be issued after 9:00 pm to visitors who do not have a registered campsite. Day passes are only valid for the day of issue (not for 24 hours).

2. Please obey all posted signs. We ask that you do not deface, remove or destroy any property within the park.

3. Camping is only allowed once a camper permit is purchased. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to keep the campsite clean.

4. Kiddie pools are allowed. They must be less than 10” deep and 4' in diameter and must be emptied when not in uuse.

5. Speed limit in the park is 20 km/h unless otherwise posted. By the paddling pool and playgrounds is 10 km/h. Please watch for speed bumps.

6. Loud Music will not be tolerated at any time.

7. Quiet time is between 11:00 pm and 7:00 am. Curfew time is 11:00 pm and all visitors must leave the park or be viable for a fine of $200.00. All children must return to their registered site at quiet time.

8. No lifeguards on duty. Swim at your own risk.

9. The paddling pool will be closed several times a day for cleaning.

10. Please keep our park clean. All garbage to be deposited in the garbage receptacles. Avoid adding garbage to the fire pots.

11. We do not allow firearms, explosives, or fireworks in the park. We do offer a $100 fine if disobeyed.

12. All boats, etc., to be launched or docked only in designated areas provided.

13. No fishing off the boat docks. Dock fishing allowed only in designated areas.

14. Please keep our park green. Fires are only allowed in the fire pots provided and must not be left unattended. Fires must be put out before retiring for the evening.

15. No “all terrain”, unlicensed, gas operated vehicles are allowed in the park (quads, mini bikes, pocket rockets, motorized scooters, etc.).

16. Help conserve power and please shut air conditioners when not in use.

17. Help us preserve water. Watering of grass, shrubs, trees, washing vehicles, campers, boats is not permitted unless requested or allowed by Park Manager.

18. Please shut off lights when not in use and when you retire for the night.

19. Extra fridges and freezers are allowed for a fee. Please contact office/park manager to pay for extra fridge/freezer.

20. Sites are not allowed to be traded and you cannot move sites without permission of the Park Manager.

21. Check out time is 2:00pm. Late checkouts may be available upon request. 

22. Fire bans will be posted within the park, on social media, by e-mail if we need to put into effect. Please obey when in effect.

We hope you enjoy your stay at Nickle Lake Regional Park!